At reticle labs we are passionate about engineering and software
development and we take personal satisfaction in tackling difficult
problems. Our expertise span a wide range of areas generally covered
under physical modelling of real life phenomena, mathematics, computer
simulation, graphics and software design. In addition to our standard
products we offer the following services.

We have extensive experience developing software and automation
solutions for the semiconductor industry, particularly in the area of
photo-mask and wafer manufacturing. In addition we provide services for  
related industries in  application where physics, math and software skills
may be needed.

Software Development

We develop custom software for a wide range of applications. A lot of our
software encompasses a high degree of math, and complex algorithm
development. Among our areas of strength are:

Lithography We have experience writing lithography simulators for
custom projects. We make our aerial imagining lithography simulator
available as software libraries, that can than be integrated into custom in
house applications. Our lithography simulator models all stepper
illumination effects such as wavelength, numerical aperture, mask
magnification, pupil source shape, partial coherence, focus, lens
aberrations, polarization (vector effects), immersion lithography etc. A
more basic scalar (kirchoff) simulator is also available.

Programming Languages We have extensive experience in developing  
large scale, mission critical, highly robust software applications in C,C++,
C#, for the MFC and .NET environments. For web development we use
ASP.NET with IIS, as well as PHP with Apache Server. We deliver
solutions ranging from custom software modules to fully integrated turn
key systems for your needs, backed with support.

Database Systems A vast portion of our developmental expertise
includes using SQL server query based databases such as Microsoft
SQL server enterprise and MySQL. We provide a whole range of services,
including administration, programming, redundancy, backup and data

Modeling For modeling of physical processes and algorithm
development we use Matlab from Mathworks and related toolboxes as
well as several other common modelling languages.

Image Processing Among our core strength lies in image processing
algorithm development, 3D image rendering via OpenGL graphics and
Software for Nanotechnology
Reticle Defect Management
System (RDMS)
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"An Enterprise class defect
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Semiconductor Mask and
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