About Us

Founded in 2006 Reticle Lab strives to bridge gaps for enterprises which
have traditionally been overlooked by large vendors, mainly due to a lack
of significant markets or economies of scale.

For example, we provide cost effective software and hardware solutions
to aid the manufacturing of photo masks. Our competitive advantage lies
in delivering extensive experience and analytical capability.

We develop custom software for a variety of applications. No matter how
small or big a problem, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Reticle Defect Management
System (RDMS)
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Tracks every defect from every
inspection of every mask in
every fab at any time with
automated heuristic defect
classification capability
MaskShop is a registered
trademark of Reticle Labs. All
other trademarks are the property
of their respective owners.
MaskShop v3.0 Released
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