About Us

At Reticle Labs we recognize that every fab has unique needs. Over a
decade ago we started our business developing custom software for the
world’s leading mask and wafer fabrication plants,  and have since
focused on delivering extraordinary value for their investment in our
products & services.

We are based
in the Silicon Valley area, California. Our products are used
in many fabs in the world, and have proven reliability.

If you are looking for an engineering focused company minus the
overhead (you know the kind that wears, hands out company swag, and
shows you power-point charts), come talk to us.
Software for Nanotechnology
Reticle Defect Management
System (RDMS)
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"An Enterprise class defect
management, analysis and
yield enhancement  
framework for the entire
Reticle life-cycle geared for
Semiconductor Mask and
Wafer Fabs"
MaskShop is a registered
trademark of Reticle Labs. All
other trademarks are the property
of their respective owners.
MaskShop v3.0 Released
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Free Evaluation for Fabs
Yes! We also develop
custom software for Mask
& Wafer fabs
+1 (408) 390-0986