MaskShop v3.0

MaskShop is ideal for

1. Comparing Aerial images in 2D and 3D
- Die-To-Die defect and reference images
- Two areas within same image (
single die)
Through focus analysis, with linked planes
Can mimic user rules for image analysis
2. Comparing
before & after repair AFM/Aerial images
3. Performing
custom metrology on microscope images
4. Comparing
performance of two different microscopes
5. Comparing
simulation results against experiment  
and much much more...


With shrinking mask features, complicated OPC patterns, and various
resolution enhancement techniques, the patterns found on current
masks exhibit complex shapes and geometries. There is a  pressing
need to quantify shapes and patterns found on masks in two or three

MaskShop is an image processing software tool developed for analyzing
images and is targeted for the  Mask fabrication plants.

It can accurately quantify the pattern mismatches in pre and post repaired
defect images to a resolution far beyond the pixel size of the imaging
system. It is particularly suited for aerial images obtained via a
microscope, an inspection system, or simulation software.

Furthermore, it can overlay images obtained across different sources
making it ideal for comparing the performance of an aerial imaging
microscope against a simulation tool or an inspection system.

MaskShop is capable of analyzing features found in double patterning
processes, provided the right inputs are available.

MaskShop has been designed with the end user in mind, exhibiting a rich
user experience. Written using the latest .Net technology with specialized
image processing algorithms, MaskShop has the look and feel of
passionately inspired software and sets the standard for metrology

Now you can identity, overlay, and measure pre and post repaired defect
images with just a few clicks. You can save the results for later viewing,
paste into a presentation, or print a hard copy. Ideal for the production
environment or as a stand alone engineering tool, MaskShop can help
take the guess work out of image analysis, and speed up the process

Select Features

Listed below are some of the highlighted features found in MaskShop.

Data Structure The software supports 4 channel, 32 bit image/scans, so
the spectral content in an image taken with a high resolution CCD or an
AFM is not lost. Even color and multi-focal-multi-planner images are
supported. MaskShop is unique.  It exhibits dynamic data structuring,
implying the existence of a framework to import images of almost any
format. Its internal data structures adjust to accommodate format specific
parameters stored in a multitude of files.

Accuracy Each pixel intensity is stored in a 32 bit variable with support for
up to 4 channels. Each pixel can take as much as 128 bits for storage.
Pixel dimensions can be square or rectangular, allowing for the
correction of lens and stage non-linearties.

Linear Measurements Measure feature widths and/or heights
horizontally or vertically along an averaged-swath or single axis. Even
diagonal measurements along any angle are supported.

Metrology Measures areas, moments of inertia, centroid locations, radii
and several image features statistics via a few mouse clicks.

Double Patterning Analysis Take a defect image from one of the double
patterned masks, and combine it with the other via the alignment tools in
MaskShop. Then add the intensity fractions of each image, and produce a
combined aerial image as seen on the wafer plane. Finally use the
Image Overlay module to analyze the combined image.

Image Manipulation For cases where it may be hard to find a reference
image for overlaying or to return the source image to a desired
orientation, MaskShop exhibits several functions to flip and rotate images
along various angles and axis. Ability to resample & scale images.

Ergonomics MaskShop features a rich user experience with the GUI and
windows logically and ergonomically laid out. A well thought out user
interface allows the user to rearrange the GUI to what feels comfortable,
including adjustment for color. The software features multi-document-
interface, allowing the user to perform multiple analysis at the same time.
Provisions exist to manage the various documents opened in the
workspace, via  special ‘workspace’ and ‘attributes’ docking bars.  
MaskShop installs with a full online documentation and tutorial. All
samples used in the tutorials are included with the package. Using the
online examples,  you can be analyzing images in a matter of minutes.

Speed MaskShop features special image processing algorithms
optimized for the x86 architecture that help speed up the computationally
intensive calculations, such as image re-sampling, scaling and sub-pixel

Available Modules

Image Overlay : Overlay two images and view the outlined difference with
clear depiction of areas of match and mismatch. Manually or
automatically align the defect and reference images to a sub-pixel
accuracy with a push of a button. Once aligned make linear and/or 2D
measurements of the differenced image. For cases where the physical
pixel size of the compared images are different, MaskShop is capable of
automatically re-sampling the lower resolution image to the correct pixel
size. This module is ideal for analyzing pre and post repaired defect
images, taking the guess work out of the process.

Image Compare Module : Compare two images side by side, and view
intensity difference of selected sections from the defect and reference
sites, aligned to a sub-pixel resolution. View differenced images, with
contour outlines, and make highly accurate measurements. Capability to
perform through focus analysis with the push of a button.

Automatic Heuristic Defect Classification (AHDC) : Via Automated
Heuristic Defect Classification (AHDC) algorithm Maskshop can
automatically process pairs of defect & reference images in batch mode
with no user intervention. AHDC can handle any geometry. AHDC
supports parallel processing, thus can process many defects

Demo & Evaluation Copy

If you are a Mask or a wafer fabrication facility, we are absolutely confident
that you will find MaskShop an invaluable tool. It will not only speed up
your process flow, but it will dramatically enhance your confidence in your
defect dispositioning decisions yielding in higher quality reticles.  Contact to schedule a demo.

System Requirements

Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8, 10  (available for 32 and 64
bit operating systems)
Memory: 4GB minimum. 8GB+ for optimal performance
Display: Large display monitor highly recommended
Available USB port for hardware license token.

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MaskShop is a registered
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MaskShop v3.0 Released
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