Reticle lab specializes in image processing and software development
for the Semiconductor fabs. Located in the Silicon Valley, Reticle Labs
develops software and automation solutions to aid in the manufacturing
processes for the semiconductor  and disk storage industry. Reticle
Labs develops software, perform analysis and consults in a wide range
of industrial applications that require strong analytical skills in
engineering physics,mathematics, computer simulation, graphics,
databases and complex algorithm development.

Reticle Labs main line of products focus on aiding the manufacturing of
photo-masks and wafers for the semiconductor industry. For further
information click on Products and Services tab to get a glimpse of what
we offer, or fe
el free to contact us.
Reticle Defect Management
System (RDMS)
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Tracks every defect from every
inspection of every mask in
every fab at any time with
automated heuristic defect
classification capability
"An Enterprise class defect management, analysis and yield
enhancement  framework for the entire Reticle life-cycle
geared for Semiconductor Mask and Wafer Fabs"
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trademark of Reticle Labs. All
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MaskShop v3.0 Released
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